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Art By Lisabelle



  Oil Portrait Demonstration...."Carmen and Scarlett" begun February 1, 2010         

Valentine's Day Couples!

Oil Portrait of sisters, Oil on canvas. 1991 20"x20", Art By Lisabelle

Oil Portrait of a five year old boy and his cat. 1987 AJ and the Cat. Art By Lisabelle

Oil Painting Lisabelle, Canvas 24 x 30" Sold An old time feeling is depicted as an oil painting here.  The inspiration for this oil painting,  is the rare photograph, by an unknown photographer.  An early 19th century, classic Victorian era photo of  two little girls, based on a turn of the century, circa, early 1900's Tin Type photo. This early photograph was typical,  in sepia tone,  in book print, what I saw was a black and white image.  The oil painting is an interpretation, adaptation and application of color, by Lisabelle.  Do you have a family heirloom Tin Type photo?  Let me turn it into a beautiful colorful oil painting.....      Mucho Experienco!

Commissioned Oil Portrait of a Great Grandmother.  Based on a family sepia tone Tin Type Photograph, from the late 1800's or early 1900's. A bust style portrait 18x24" on canvas. Art By Lisabelle

Commissioned oil portrait of a Great Grandfather.  Based on a family, sepia toned Tin Type photograph. Color adaption Art By Lisabelle.

Acrylic portrait of a young boy with his cat. Robby and the Cat 1998, 24" x 36" on canvas. Art By Lisabelle

Commissioned Pastel portrait of a married couple.  A 50th, Golden Anniversary gift from this couples Daughter.  2004. Pastel on paper. Art By Lisabelle

Portraits of Couples, People and Pets

Oils, Pastels, Acrylic, Watercolor & Charcoal

Do you have family heirlooms, Tin Type or black and white photos?  Let Artist-Lisabelle,  recognized and experienced, turn your classic photos into beautiful colorful oil paintings!

 Life size Oil Portraits from photos and models.

Hand Painted Portraits of people, pets and places.  A recognized and awarded portrait artist with over twenty two years of experience, dedication, and discipline in portrait art. Lisabelle also paints landscapes, still life, floral painting and illustrative artworks.  Art Paintings and Commissioned Portraits are in Private and Corporate collections,  with satisfied clients from coast to coast. 

Welcome to Art Paintings and Portraits By Lisabelle.  Portraits in Oil, Pastel, Watercolor, Acrylic and Charcoal.  People and or Pet Portraits painted by Lisabelle are true to life representations.  Portraits from photos and drawings, to oil portrait paintings on canvas.  Lisabelle's commissioned portraits and artworks  are realistic, original, creative, unique and expressive.  Whether commissioning a portrait of yourself or other people, pets and places, you are guaranteed your portrait art paintings meet with the highest professional standards,  from the easel to your door.  A portrait by Lisabelle is  created with the finest archival materials, ( museum portrait quality) anyone can afford. 

Enjoy visiting Art Paintings and Portraits by Lisabelle-Artist Online Gallery.   Portrait commissions are a specialized area of fine-art.  Portraits are a creative service, family heirlooms, personalized gifts, and memorial tributes.   Your interest in purchasing my art work and in commissioning portraits created by Lisabelle are welcome.  For questions  email: lisabelle/artist@gmail/com  (please replace forward slash (/) with period (.) this is for spam protection).

Lisabelle a portrait Artist with two decades of custom portrait painting.

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Before cameras were invented Portrait Painters were in high demand and flourished,  many skilled artists painted portraits.  Lisabelle's portraits are said to be exceptional they are provocative and emotive, true to life expressions in paint.  Oil Portraits From Photos to Canvas.

A portrait of a young girl.  Pastel Portraits of Children by Lisabelle SKYLER a pastel portrait. 2008.  One of four portraits of Skyler.

 Pastel 2008

Moran a watercolor portrait of a young girl.  Original 1994, this recreation 2009. Portraits of People and Pets by Lisabelle

Watercolor 2009

Pastel portrait of Michael Jackson 2009 by Lisabelle.  Michael Jackson's Youth remembered.

Pastel 2009

Nevin a portrait of a Grand Nephew, Pastel Portraits of Children of all ages.  Portraits of People and Pets by Lisabelle

Pastel 2009

Queen Mother Annette James, Saint James Church of Toledo, Ohio 2009.  Thank You Annisa for this honor.  Acrylic Portraits by Lisabelle

Acrylic 2009


Pastel 1993


Family Portraits - Portraits of Musicians - Oil Portraits

Norman Fields an Oil Portrait by Lisabelle, Portrait of an Actor, Musician, Songwriter, Family Portraits in Oil

Norman Fields Actor, Songwriter, Musician and Father

1931 - 1997


Robert Bell II an Oil Portrait by Lisabelle, Portrait of a Musician, Vocalist, Songwriter and Son, Portraits of Families in Oil      Robert Bell, Musician, Vocalist, Songwriter, Son

2009 Oil portrait on canvas 48x36"  


"Nadine" 60" x 60" Oil on Masonite 1994.


 oil on masonite 60x60"



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All images 2010Art By Lisabelle




All images 2010Art By Lisabelle