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Art By Lisabelle

Portraits of People and Pets since 1987




Portraits of People and Pets in Oil, Pastel, Acrylic and Watercolor

New C.J. Pastel Portrait

Pastel Portrait by Lisabelle 10"x17" March 2012


NILLA for Lauren Acrylic on canvas 8x10"

JOHNNY and SAMPSON Oil on canvas 2011 36 x 48" 


DONATELLA  Jack Russell for Jennifer 2010.    Acrylic on Canvas 16 x 20"

Commission A Bassett Hound by Lisabelle.  Pastel 16x12"

Portrait in Pastel of Bassett Hound 

A Granddaughter and her Dog

Commission Oil Portrait of a Cocker Spaniel by Lisabelle.  16x20"

Portrait in Oil of Cocker Spaniel 


Commission Acrylic portrait of "Jake" A Black Labrador by Lisabelle

Portrait in Acrylic Jake

Painting by Lisabelle of an Irish Setter Dog. 18x24"

Portrait in Pastel of Dog and Bird


A watercolor rendition of an old tin type photo from the 1904.  By Lisabelle

Portrait Watercolor "Dog Bath"


"Cooper" Charcoal 2008


"Hubbles" Charcoal 2011

"Toby" Charcoal 2011

HONEY PUPPY 2009 an acrylic portrait by Lisabelle.  Portraits of people and pets.  Pet portraits in paint. Portraits in Acrylic Paint.

Honey Puppy 2009  


 Commissioned Portrait by Lisabelle.  Pastel of two white dogs "Old buddies"

Portrait in Pastel of  two pet dogs 


What a puppy.  No wonder our pets are so much loved as their eyes express so much, it's hard to believe they aren't thinking and feeling just as we do.  I was inspired by the expression and the softness of his fur.

"Duke" 2009

All Images Copyrighted 2012 Art By Lisabelle