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Art By Lisabelle
Fine Art Paintings and Portraits






Dale Hardman, Poet, Professor, Great Friend, New York City, Kettle of Fish, Yankees Baseball Games, fly Fisherman, North Carolina, Epicurean, Intellectual, Sensitive, and most of all GENEROUS.LOVING "DALE HARDMAN" Acrylic Portraits by Lisabelle-Abellalisa

Dale Hardman


Joyce 2005




Mother Annette James

"Lisabelle-Abellalisa" Self-portrait 2000, Acrylic Portraits of people, Pet Portraits in Acrylic, Paintings of Artists, Art by Artist, Lisa Bell, Abellalisa, ASSPINC. 2008

Lisabelle (self-portrait)


Art By Lisabelle or Lisa Bell All images 2017