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Art By Lisabelle





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Parades, Veteran's Day 2008, Art by Lisabelle©2008, Amarillo, TX., Art in Texas, New Mexican Artist, Commission Artist Lisabelle, National Pride, Veterans Remembered, Patriotic Paintings, Oil painting

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PARADE READY "AMARILLO, TEXAS" 2008 oil 16x20" wrapped canvas

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New Artworks 


"Skyler" 2008  Portraits of Grandchild, Portraits of children, Paintings of People, Pets by Lisabelle, Pastel Portraits by Lisabelle, Commission Artist, Pastel Art, Pastel Portraits, Art by Lisabelle

Skyler 2008 

12.5" x 19.5"


Adrianna 2008

19.5 x 24.5


Churchill Films of Los Angeles,CA "From Girls to Women" a documentary shown in all Public Schools to pre-teen girls from 1964 - ? , Unitarian Universalist Church, Pastor  Paul Sawyer, My Sunday School class of girls, collaborated with a Babtist Sunday School Class of girls, to make an educational film that Lisa Ethel Feldman was proud to have been a participant in.  "On Birmingham Sunday", Sisterhood, African Roots, Pastels of people, portraits of girls, art by lisabelle , ArtByLisabelle, portraits in pastel by Lisabelle ©2008

Sisters 2008

Prints Available 18x24" 

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Prints are available of your favorites portraits and paintings by Lisabelle.

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"Before cameras were invented Portrait Painters were in high demand and flourished. Most if not all skilled artists were able to exact portraits.  In our day and age, a hand painted portrait is to some minds archaic.  My portraits are said to be "emotive " they project feelings and it requires more than a camera's aperture to produce brush strokes that accentuate and compliment an individual  in harmony.  Each one of my portraits,  are creative works of art.   For  my portrait  subjects, I not only capture the unique essence' in an individuals expression,  but illuminate features in accurate forms.   True to life realism portrayed in  sensitive and flattering ways.  Over twenty years of continuous commissioned portraits and artworks. "  

Commission a Portrait

Hand painted portraits are not just a likeness. My portrait paintings emote feelings, sensitive portrayals of distinguishable individual characteristics of each subject, whether a person, place or thing.  Even when working from a photo, the trained eye, skilled hands and clear perceptions plus the original interpretations of the artist go far beyond the aperture of a camera.  Each portrait is a process that not only involves intuitive thinking, perceptivity but  is also aligned with years of studied and physically applied techniques. The application of quality art materials, ... understanding of the properties of paint results in the successful makings of portraits by Lisabelle  

"There is a relationship engendered, a spiritual connection  I  have with each portrait I have created...  Understanding my subjects thoroughly, capturing the moods and personalities of each person and/or pet with accuracy is quintessential. "

 Not only are Lisabelle's portraits an accurate resemblance, each art portrait is created, as a true original artwork.  Using only the best archival art materials with over 25 years of experience in Portraiture, Lisabelle will paint your portraits in oil, pastel, acrylic, even watercolor and charcoal.  A recognized professional award winning portraitist let Lisabelle produce a personalized gift that will delight viewers for generations. 



SPICER DR. 2007 acrylic landscape paintings by Lisabelle, landscape, acrylic paintings, original landscape in acrylic, acrylic landscape, paintings wildlife, wildlife landscapes, Art by Lisabelle, Abellalisa, Deer Painting, Brooklyn, MI, Art, Artist Lisa Bell, 2007, prints available, wildlife paintings, Lisabelle-Art Portraits & Paintings, Landscapes by Lisabelle


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