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Art By Lisabelle


New Lisabelle Landscapes and Artworks

Riverbend at (Hot Springs) Truth or Consequences, New Mexico 2009 

Oil on canvas 16x20"


New Mexico, Cattle Ranches, Bulls, Mountains of New Mexico, Friendly Bulls, Christmas 2008, Merry Christmas New Mexico,  Route 189, Hatch, Las Cruces, NM, Santa Fe Trail, Art by Lisabelle,, commission artist Lisabelle, copyright©2008

"HATCH" New Mexico 12_08

24 x 36" oil on canvas


Landscapes by Lisabelle, Amarillo, Texas 11_08, oil on canvas, 11x14" prints available, PARADE READY oil painting of Amarillo, Texas ,Veteran's Day 2008, American Patriotism, Parades in Texas, Texas Architecture


PARADE READY "AMARILLO, TEXAS" 2008 oil 16x20" wrapped canvas


New Mexici Toledo, Ohio,  53rd Bank, Reflecting pool, Sculpture art Toledo, OH, Surrealism,  Oil painting by Lisabelle 2008, 36 x 48" , Surrealistic Painting by Lisabelle, PEACEFUL REFLECTIONS

"Peaceful Reflections" 

August 2008  Oil on Canvas 1.25 gallery wrapped painted edges.


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This painting was done in Plein-Aire, near the boat docks in Jersey City with a view of New York city.  I was taken with the beauty on several visits, each time, something was attracting my eye, for instance, one morning a misty sunrise, at another visit Canadian Geese, and on the initial visit the basic composition was painted.  Some of the details such as the geese were added in a studio setting.  The boats look like toys.....  aren't they?  What a wild time in my life, seven months in New York, Jersey City.  I did two group art shows, won an award and made and still have great friends there.  This was completed in 1998 three years before 9/11.  It is available in print.  Prints Available

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All images ©2010Art By Lisabelle