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Art By Lisabelle

Portraits of People and Pets since 1987





Plein-Air painting

Art By Lisabelle

Portraits of People and Pets since 1987





Plein-Air painting, Plein-air pastel landscape by Lisabelle, Pastel by Lisabelle, Pastel Paint, Landscape artwork, art of pastel, painting outdoor, plein-air,


FARM FENCE Painting by Lisabelle© June 2008 12.5" x 19.5" Prints available


Plein Air painting, Painting in Pastel, Pastel Landscapes, Outdoor artwork, Landscapes by Lisabelle June  ©2008

Where Have All The Horses Gone July 2008 

Pastel 12.5" x 19.5" by Lisabelle Prints Available


Watercolor Landscapes, Flower painting in water paint, watercolor plein-air painting, landscapes by Lisabelle, August 2008

Sunflower Garden 10/08

Watercolor by Lisabelle

Prints Available


Landscape Artwork, Pastel landscape painting, rural art painted, paint the country, Landscape by Lisabelle ©2008

Viewed Too Much 2008 

Pastel by Lisabelle  24" x 19.5" 

Prints Available

Watercolor Landscape Painting, Painting of Wildflowers, Wildflowers painted, Commission Artist Lisabelle ©2008 Art by Lisabelle

Almost Autumn 2008

Watercolor Painting 16" x 18"

by Lisabelle

Prints Available



Walk-By 1994 Acrylic on canvas 24x36" SOLD

San Francisco I Love You  2005 Oil  48x36 LOST IN FIRE


Amber Waves of Grain oil on wood 24x36" SOLD

Golden Gate Park Bison 1987 Oil  9x12" FIRE DAMAGED

Night Scene 1997 Oil  16x24" SOLD



©2009 Lisabelle  

©2009 Lisabelle