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Art By Lisabelle



Help for Michigan Smokers.... May 1st, 2010

Besides all the health risks, the financial RAKING OVER THE COALS! and now....

BEGINNING MAY 1, 2010, FINES of:  $100.  up to $5OO. for smoking in places illegal.

I have been smoking for over 40 years.  See below, a Comic Strip Character SUPERSLUT aka A.S.S.P.INK©2010.  It's a humorous look at a very serious situation. "ON THE SUBJECT OF THE "E"VILE ECONOMY, SUPERSLUT aka A.S.S.P.INK© a smoker  gives a thumbs up to the new age E-LECTRONIC-CIGARETTES, now on the market for several years and gaining  in popularity.  I bought an Electronic-Cigarette (Brand X).  There are many different Electronic Cigarette products by various names.  They are all about the same as far as electronically atomizing or vaporizing nicotine. When  inhaled, the vaporized nicotine alleviates the cravings for a cigarette.  I use it,  I like it,  at a fraction of the cost or health risks of Domestic Cigarettes.  NOW it's a crime to buy cigarettes online!  RETAIL PRICES FOR TOBACCO, HERE IN MICHIGAN AND THE UNITED STATES, ARE AT AN ALL TIME RIDICULOUS HIGH!   Here is how this works: Most Electronic cigarettes come with plastic replacement filters, filled with nicotine JUICE.  These throw away nicotine cartridges each last on average,  the equivalent to a pack of cigarettes.  Most of the E Cigarette companies sell  you a starter package with 10 or 20 cartridges in the kits, which is the same as a carton or two of smokes.  Then, they would have you  sign up for automatic payments and shipments of their nicotine cartridges. 

Totally Wicked-ELiquid ....  is just the nicotine juice without a cartridge, ELiquid comes in various strengths and a huge assortment of flavors working with the atomizer in the electronic cigs to produce vapor,   It DOES NOT pose a threat to non-smokers OR we the Vapers, it does not have an odor, and it does not ASH EVERYWHERE!  Even if you love to smoke,  you must admit it's costly, stinks and it is messy!  Also, vapors  have a sensation very similar to smoke when inhaled, it feels like smoking, yet it is not. 

THERE IS SMOKING (with all the known perils)         OR         THERE IS VAPORIZING (safer and  just as satisfying)



MAY 1, 2010

The Electronic Cigarette is a new product available thanks to recent technology. This "e-cig" is a revolutionary device that acts much the same way an ordinary tobacco cigarette would, but rather than producing smoke from combustion, it produces vapor from vaporization of the E-Liquid. This is also why many e-smokers referred to their Electronic Cigarettes as Personal Vaporizers!!!  Thank you ARNOLD SCHWARTZENAIGER for being open minded as the Governor of the Great State of California!

Instead of throwing away plastic cartridges everyday,  I order TOTALLY WICKED E-Liquid (eJuice) making throw away plastic cartridges re-usable, not just more non-biodegradable plastic everywhere.

 ELiquid   the best Smoking Alternative click the banner and enjoy 7.5% savings!





I have SMOKED cigarettes for over 40 years, I have found E-cigarettes to be a great alternative to inhaling smoke, it is VAPING.  When I was young my parents smoked at the grocery store.  STOP criminalizing the use of nicotine!!!.  This is the best alternative available, thanks to technology.   Carbon Monoxide from cars, fast food restaurants and everyday household cleaning products pose more health risks than e-cigarettes!




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Art By Lisabelle

Nicotine is an addictive substance, I am not endorsing addiction to nicotine,  or Electronic Cigarettes to start an addiction, 

If you don't smoke, or you are not addicted to nicotine.  Nicotine is not recommended by Art By Lisabelle.






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