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Art By Lisabelle
Fine Art Paintings and Portraits




For Kim

Thank you Russell... Lisabelle




charcoal portraits by Lisabelle, New Mexico Karaoke Championship 2009, Portraits of People & Pets, Art By Lisabelle

Charcoal Portraits from life, New Mexico Karaoke Championship Festival 2009, Daughter of Singer, "Little Dancer", Charcoal Sketches by Lisabelle from photos, and life.

Charcoal Sketches from life by Lisabelle, Sister and Big Brother Charcoal, NEW MEXICO KARAOKE CHAMPIONSHIP 2009, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico Civic Center May 29th and 30th 2009, Portraits of people and pets.


Portraits in Charcoal

Art By Lisabelle

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Charcoal Art by Lisabelle, Charcoal Portraits by Lisabelle 


 Religious Art by Lisabelle, Sacred heart Jesus Christ, Art of the Lord, Charcoal, Painting, Religious, Christian Art by Lisabelle


Alex and Katelyn Dec. 12, 2011

Hand Drawn Charcoal Portrait Sketch from photos

Thomas 2007







Portrait for Christian 2008 Portraits of People & Pets, Art By Lisabelle

For Christian's Wife 2008

Art By Lisabelle or Lisa Bell All images 2017