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Art By Lisabelle



See Your Portraits Being Painted Live


Donnatella is a Jack Russell Terrier. A Pet Portrait in Acrylic by Lisabelle, from a photo of Jennifer's.  


Donnatella is a beautiful baby puppy girl, a Jack Russell Terrier.  She is adorable, loving and affectionate.  I met her. Her Mother, (lol) a woman named Jenny, she is a great wonderful artist herself.  I so enjoyed meeting with you.  We began this portrait with a great time at Starbucks, on Main St. in Ann Arbor.  Here is a first sketch of Donnatella.  Will be adding more...


Sketched to scale from a photo. June 25th, 2010.  Blue pastel pencil on 16x20" canvas.      

Blocking in color and developing a background cool tones. June 29th, 2010

Still tweeking, meaning: comparing features and rescaling, calculating accuracy. June 30th 2010 Unfinished





All images 2010Art By Lisabelle