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Art By Lisabelle



Portraits from photos... Valentines Day Specials  email:

Portraits by Commission Artist Lisabelle OILS, PASTELS, ACRYLICS, WATERCOLORS & CHARCOALS, portraits of senior couples, pastel paintings of people, "The Bells

"The Netters" Commission portrait in pastel by Lisabelle, Anniversary portrait paintings, Golden Anniversary Gift, Couples painted in pastel by Lisabelle


Golden Anniversary

Commission paintings of pets by Lisabelle, pastel dog portraits, pets painted,, pastel dog painting

Siblings painted, paintings of brothers and sisters by Lisabelle, commission artist Lisabelle,, send a photo receive a painting, realistic portraits, portraits by hand,

Pets Too!

Brothers & Sisters

portraits of dogs, dog paintings in oil and charcoal by Lisabelle, Expressive portraiture,,  pets painted, hand made portraits, commission art portraits

Newlywed Couples painted, Valentine's Day gifts of art, artistic realism in portraits, commission artist Lisabelle, paintings from photos,

Dogs & Cats 

Newlywed Couples


All images 2010Art By Lisabelle