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Art By Lisabelle


Oil Portrait Artist - Pastel Portrait Artist - Acrylic Portrait Artist - Charcoal Portrait Artist Lisabelle

All portraits by Lisabelle that were photographed after completion are represented below.  Painting lifelike portraits since 1987. 

PORTRAITS OF PEOPLE AND PETS, ART BY LISABELLE,Art By Lisabelle is the online gallery of an experienced portrait artist, a respected portrait artist with over 22 years of portrait painting behind her, many of Lisa's portraits are in private collections. She specializes both as a pastel portrait artist and an oil portrait painter. The portraits Lisabelle paints bring out the true personality of each subject this is what you’ll have in her finished portraits. She creates lifelike, realistic, museum quality portraits of adults, children, brides and grooms, family groupings, and pets. Your portrait can be created as an oil painting or as a detailed pastel drawing, using your photographs as the model and the inspiration for the portrait. If you wished for an oil portrait or pastel portrait of your classic automobile, house or favorite vacation spot? These portraits, or almost anything else you wish painted will become immortalized as a works of art all this can be commissioned. She can draw your pastel portrait as a monochrome drawing or in full color. A monochrome or charcoal portrait can be in classic black & white or sepia & white. Her full color pastel portraits, which she refers to as her " Pastel Paintings ",  have the look of oil paintings. The pastel portraits are drawn in traditional classical realism. Her oil portraits are painted with that same realism, the style that is characteristic of the old masters of portraiture. Your full satisfaction is guaranteed! ©2009,

Nicky a pastel  by portrait artist Lisabelle

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All images ©2010Art By Lisabelle