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Art By Lisabelle




    Portraits of Cats Painted Oil, Pastel, Watercolor, Charcoal and Pen & Ink


Portrait Painting in Oil of Cat  18" X 24"

Portrait Painting in Watercolor of Cat From Photo, 8" X 10" Cameo

Portraits in Pen & Ink, from a photo of Cats.  Signed and numbered prints available.  $20.  

Portrait Painting Watercolor of  a Girl with Kitten,  20" X 12"

Portrait Painting in Oil of Boy Holding a Cat.  Canvas 20" X 24"

Pastel Portraits by Lisabelle

Pen and Ink portraits by Lisabelle,  from a photo, this kitty was celebrating Halloween, only for a moment, Cats unlike toy poodles, do not care for extra clothing and accessories.  18x24" on parchment paper.

Portrait in Pen & Ink of Cat  18" X 36"

Acrylic portraits by Lisa Bell   Cal lee lee a cat and what a cat!

Portrait Painting Acrylic of Cat  18" X 24" 

This could be your favorite feline's portrait. 


Click here for a cat's portrait!


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