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Art By Lisabelle



Plein-Air Painting.  Took an easel and hit the road. 

Parades, Veteran's Day 2008, Art by Lisabelle©2008, Amarillo, TX., Art in Texas, New Mexican Artist, Commission Artist Lisabelle, National Pride, Veterans Remembered, Patriotic Paintings, Oil painting

 Parade Ready Amarillo, Texas

11/08 Oil 16"x20" Oil by Lisabelle 

Plein Air Painting, Plein Air Art.  Landscapes in Pastels, Rural Scenery, Barn, Country Road, Painting of Thunder Clouds, trees.

Dancing Clouds

2008 pastel on acid free Mi-Tientes Paper.


The Farmer's Land 2008 

pastel by Lisabelle

Swain Park Brooklyn, Michigan Plein Air Landscape Painting in Pastel by Lisabelle  2008

Swain Park 2008

Pastel by Lisabelle


Swain Park 2008



All images ©2010Art By Lisabelle