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Art By Lisabelle


Landscapes by Lisabelle


Huron River New Delhi, MI Oil painting by Lisabelle ©June 2010 24x48" gallery wrapped, edges 1.5" painted around.

New HURON RIVER oil by Lisabelle 48x24" on canvas, wrapped and painted edges. May 2010





Landscape Paintings by Lisabelle ©2009 FARM LACE SUNSET 2004 oil on canvas. 24x36" prints available

Landscape Paintings by Lisabelle ©2009  plein-air MICHIGAN FARM 2008 Pastel. Prints Available

Landscape Paintings by Lisabelle ©2009 NIGHT SCENE oil on canvas 1997 16x20" Sold

Paint It Black 2003 Oil on Canvas 

  Parnell Road Pastel on paper

Night Scene  '94 Oil on Canvas Sold

Hidden Lake Gardens 2010, Oil on Canvas 12x24"

Our House Huron River 2010 16x20" Oil on canvas Huron River Art Train, Michigan Acrylic on canvas 24x32" 2010

5 Canadian Geese Watercolor 11.75 x 9" June 2010

Moms Beautiful Park June 2010. 32x24" acrylic Mallard on Huron River Acrylic on canvas edges 10x10" SOLD

Mallard 1 Acrylic on canvas, 24x28" painted edges.

Landscape Paintings by Lisabelle ©2009 BERKEY, OH SUNRISE acrylic on canvas 18x24" prints available

Landscape Paintings by Lisabelle ©2009  OHIO FARM HOUSE 1997. Acrylic on canvas 24x36" Sold

Landscape Paintings by Lisabelle ©2009  DEER ON SPICER DRIVE, Brooklyn, MI 2006 Oil on canvas 24x36" prints available

Sunrise Berkey Farm 2005 Acrylic 

M52 Old Farmhouse Acrylic  

Spicer Drive 2007 Oil on Canvas 

Landscape Paintings by Lisabelle ©2009  TRAIN ACROSS THE FARMS, Berkey, OH 2005 18x24" prints available

Landscape Paintings by Lisabelle ©2009  COPPER MORNING 2005. Berkey, OH, 18x24" acrylic on canvas. Prints Available

Landscape Paintings by Lisabelle ©2009  SUNDAY CHURCH 1998. Acrylic on canvas 10x14"  NFS

Train Across Farm 2004 Oil 

Copper Trees 2006 Acrylic 

Sunday Acrylic 1994 

Landscape Paintings by Lisabelle ©2009  WILDFLOWERS 2008, Watercoclor 300. Prints Available

Landscape Paintings by Lisabelle ©2009  TREE AT SUNSET 2001.  Watercolor, nfs Prints Available

Wildflowers '08 Watercolor

Sunset 1992 Watercolor 

 "Farm" Berkey, Ohio  2009 Pastel The Big Picture Window

Landscape Paintings by Lisabelle ©2009.  VINYARD LAKE AUTUMN 14x11" oil on canvas, Brooklyn, MI ORIGINAL NFS, Prints available

Landscape Paintings by Lisabelle ©2009. WALK BY 1998. Acrylic on canvas 24x36" Original Sold, Prints Available.

Landscape Paintings by Lisabelle ©2009. AUTUMN 2007 Watercolor Original NFS Prints Available

Lil' Vinyard Lake 2007 Acrylic 

Walk By 1998 Acrylic Sold

Autumn Stream 2008 Watercolor

Brooklyn, Michigan a pastel painting by Lisabelle (Swain Memorial Park)

Swain Park Creek '08 Pastel 

Truth or Consequences, NM "TURTLE BACK" Mountain '08 Oil on Canvas 

A Farmfield 2008 Clark Lake, MI 

San Francisco I Love You 2002 Oil on wood 

Bison Golden Gate Park 1987 Oil on Wood 

Irrigation Sunset 1994 Oil Wood  Sold

    Crockett Hwy 2004                 Oil on Canvas 

Horning Road 2004 Oil on Wood 

Stony Lake 2000 Oil on Wood 

Wampler's Lake 2004 oil 

Wampler's Lake 2008 Oil 

 Farm in Winter '08 Oil on Canvas 

Play Day 1998 Acrylic on wood Sold

Spicer Dream 1998 Acrylic on Canvas Sold

Garden Gate 1997 Acrylic on Wood  Sold

Garden Path 1997 Acrylic on Wood 

Wishing Well 1998 Acrylic on Wood 

Love Pond 1998 Acrylic on Wood 

The Woods Acrylic on Canvas Sold

Shangri-La 2008 Acrylic on Canvas, 

Stone Wall 1998 Acrylic on Wood, 

July 4th 2004 Oil on Canvas

Seascape 2008 Oil on Canvas

Sonoma My Homa 2008 Oil on Canvas

The Deck 1994 Pastel Sold

McIntosh Tree 1998 Acrylic 

Spicer Orchard Lagoon 1993 Oil Pastel 

Three Swans Watercolor 1991

2004 Acrylic on Canvas

Swan Creek Downtown Toledo, Ohio 2009 Oil on Canvas. Plein- Air Painting

Winter Rural 2005 Acrylic on Canvas 

Demitri's Sculpture Toledo, 2008 Oil on Canvas

Bright Winter Day 2006 Acrylic on Canvas

Christmas 2005 Watercolor 

The Romantic View 2005 Acrylic on Canvas

Oh Brother Where Art You? Acrylic on Canvas

Farm 2005 Acrylic on Canvas









All images ©2010Art By Lisabelle