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Art By Lisabelle




San Francisco I Love You 

by Lisabelle

Oil on Wood 


Poem by Wayne Winters:

I have a poem I wrote that goes with your painting. It's called Ode to a Bridge Majestically she stretches golden arms across the bay. To the great Pacific Ocean she serves as the gateway. Twenty- seven meters wide nearly two thousand long, Eighty thousand tons of steel makes her good and strong. On January fifth in the year of thirty three Construction actually started for the whole world to see. Eleven brave men lost their lives and fell into the bay Nineteen more were saved by nets and only fell halfway. One point seven billion cars have driven over the bay And thousands more drive over her every single day. Her head is high above the clouds so she can clearly see All the people crossing her and all the ships at sea. With strength and beauty she has stood, a monument to man. They said that you could not be built; we said we know you can. So heres to Joseph Strauss, the man who knew it was his fate To build this glorious structure that we call? The Golden Gate?.







All images 2010Art By Lisabelle