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Art By Lisabelle



Lisabelle's Artist Statement

Before cameras were invented Portrait Painters were in high demand and flourished. My portraits are said to "emote". True to life realism portrayed in sensitive and flattering ways for over two decades. 

“For this artist, the output Artworks are inspired by feelings, perceptions, intuition and creativity.”

A "tonalist", painting in a variety of mediums. oil, pastel, acrylic, watercolor & charcoal.... 
Commissioned portraits and paintings are in private and public collections.. awarded professional artist.

A true lover of all the fine-arts, dedicated, disciplined with years of experience.

"When I look at or think about my artworks of the past twenty years, it's about a connection with the beauty found in all creation. About the people whose portrait's I've painted. I paint for the pleasure of my own senses. Some inspirations are from simple things, still life expressions. A love of the outdoors,  Landscapes.  In some of the floral paintings, I work from my imagination expressively with abstract form". 

Do you have a dream painting idea, a favorite flower, a special place, people, pets, and or all of these combined? Have your own unique visions custom painted! 

You have found the artist that would love to paint it for you.

(Twenty-two years of references, Satisfaction Guaranteed!)

Lisabelle: 575-680-6748.

email:  (please remove the underscore and words no spam for correct email)(spam gaurd)

 (Self-Portrait Artist Lisabelle)

Self Portrait Lisabelle 2000, Acrylic portraits by Lisabelle, Commission artist, Paintings from photos, Life Study Art, People Painted, ©2008  

Acrylic on canvas 18x24"





All images ©2010Art By Lisabelle