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Art By Lisabelle


 "Blowing Bubbles" 1994

Oil Painting Lisabelle, Canvas 24 x 30" Sold.  Old time feel, inspiration from a turn of the century circa early 1900's Tin Type Photo. This early photograph was view-able in sepia tone,  in print as black and white.  Adaptation of color by Lisabelle.

Oil Painting Lisabelle, Canvas 24 x 30" Sold

An old time feeling is depicted here.  The inspiration for this oil painting,  is the rare photograph, by an unknown photographer.  An early 19th century, classic Victorian era photo of  two little girls, based on a turn of the century, circa, early 1900's Tin Type photo. This early photograph was typical,  in sepia tone,  in book print, what I saw was a black and white image.  The oil painting is an interpretation, adaptation and application of color, by Lisabelle.  Do you have a family heirloom Tin Type photo?  Let me turn it into a beautiful colorful oil painting.....      Mucho Experienco!










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