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Art By Lisabelle



             Family Portrait Paintings From Photos 

Family Portraits available by commission.  Portraits in Oil, Pastel, Watercolor, Charcoal and Pen & Ink.  Affordable prices,  exceptional quality with a guarantee of satisfaction.   See prices for family portraits.

Pastel Portrait by Lisa Bell, Portrait of a couple 15x20"

Portrait in Pastel by Lisa Bell, Portrait from 2 photos, 50th Anniversary Gift.

charcoal & pastel of couple 

Portrait in Pastel of Couple

Portrait in Pastel of Couple

Oil Portrait by Lisa Bell, portrait of two sisters from a photo.  20x20" on canvas.

Oil portrait by Lisa Bell, Portraits from old family photos, Great Grandfather 18x24", canvas

Oil portrait by Lisa Bell, Great Grandmother, Portrait from old family photos. 18x24"

Portrait in Oil of Sisters

Portrait in Oil of Great Grandfather

Portrait in Oil of Great Grandmother

Charcoal portrait by Lisa Bell, Charcoal portrait of two brothers, Portrait of two brothers from photo. 11x17"

Oil Painting of Children, Painting from an old photograph, Oil on wood, Commissioned artwork, 12x24"

Oil Portraits by Lisa Bell, Huge family portrait from an old photo, 60x60" oil on wood

Charcoal Portrait of 2 Brothers

Portrait in Oil of Children

Portrait in Oil of  a large family from a tin-type photo.






All images 2010Art By Lisabelle