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Lisabelle has enjoyed recognition via television, print and internet media and continues to gain advantageously in these pertinent areas. Currently and over the past twenty-nine years Lisabelle joins in many local and online art communities, art festivals, charitable contributions to the Women of The Moose and Circle of Art.  Lisabelle engages in live demonstrations and teaching art enjoying sharing her experience, applied artistic knowledge and techniques. Art by Lisabelle has exhibited in New Mexico, New York City, New Jersey, California, Michigan and Ohio.  Many of Lisabelle’s paintings since 1987 are in private, public, corporate collections, as well as educational institutions.  Lisabelle in 2010 accepted a commission to create an oil portrait painting of Irene Hess. Irene Hess was the first female statistician in the field of statistics, where up until that time it had been dominated by men. Lisabelle was commissioned to paint Irene Hess for the University of Michigan, Institute of Social Research.  In 2007 Lisabelle was commissioned to paint an oil portrait of the late Dr. Robert Brundage. He was a nationally recognized philanthropist and a contributor to many worthy organizations, especially known and remembered for his involvement  in many important environmental causes. He was a scholar with achievements in more than a few areas which also included music.   

I have over twenty-nine years of fine art portraiture, representational and abstract styles in my painting career. I welcome you to view my accomplishments in Oil, Pastel, Watercolor and Acrylic Portraits. I have studied after the greats, i.e. John Singer Sergeant, Rembrandt and Valesquez and more.  A commissioned portrait(s) is unique from it's inception to it's completion.  It's been noted that my works are emotive. It seems my portrait paintings express genuine feelings. In a world where we can speak to anyone, anywhere instantly, art is more appreciated than ever. Realistic classical portrait painting and representational fine art styles are not now nor should they ever be out of fashion.


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