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Art By Lisabelle




                             Hand Painted Portraits of Dogs From Photographs 

DOG ART realistic paintings of "man's or woman's best friend."  Send a photo today,  in days be hanging a hand painted portrait, of lasting beauty and sustainability.  Expressions captured and portrayed, as you wish.  


Pastel portraits by Lisa Bell , BOSCO 1998 18x12" Commission

Portrait in Pastel of Bassett Hound 12" X 16"

Portrait in Oil of Cocker Spaniel 16" X 20

Portraits by Lisa Bell, pastel of two dogs, Commissioned June 06

Portrait in Pastel of  two pet dogs 19.5 x 13.5"

Portrait in Acrylic Jake 16x20"

Portrait in Pastel of Dog and Bird. 18" X 24"


Portrait Watercolor "Dog Bath"


 Have a custom portrait painted today!



All images ©2010Art By Lisabelle