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Ann Arbor's Finest Portrait Painting Gallery 

replace these photos, with Portrait Artists at easels at Vitosha Haus???

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Finest Portrait Gallery Hours: Sunday - Saturday  (call for appointment?)  Artists: Kei, Lisa etc,....  contact for each artist?  

Biographies with Portfolios, for each portrait Vitosha...(lists of accomplishments. also photos and Portrait Examples, links to Artist's Websites? or Blogs?  Any text pertaining to the subject of Oil Portraits.  Live Demonstrations, Beautiful Backdrop Vitosha Gardens, or Studio with lush Velvet Curtains (ideas, Antiques, ? Explaining the rich cultural invironment of Vitosha Guest Haus, "  


Replace This Photo with Vitosha Studio Photos.




Located in the beautiful Vitosha Guest Haus, located within walking distance of the University of Michigan.




All images 2010Art By Lisabelle